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Collaboration across disciplines is key to addressing today's global challenges. This collaboration is facilitated by multidisciplinary research, however, the degree to which multidisciplinary researchers are collaborating in projects is slowly but steadily coming to a decline. The 3rd International Conference on Advancing Knowledge from Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Engineering & Technology (ICAKMPET-2022), which will transpire on the 23rd & 24th of December, 2022, in Turkey.

Professionals from around the world are recognizing that the changes and challenges confronting us require researchers to collaborate more effectively. Research bodies have created a flexible framework of multidisciplinary networks, centres and institutes to facilitate interdisciplinary work. These institutes, centres and networks transcend faculty boundaries to enable the effective advancement of scientific endeavour. Globally, research institutes are addressing some of the most significant issues facing the world today. These institutes are outward looking and work with policy makers and businesses to apply new knowledge and provide independent scientific advice.

It is upto multidisciplinary research policymakers to ensure that global multidisciplinary research benefits from an environment in which it can flourish. Multidisciplinary research is actively encouraged and promoted throughout the world (both in developing and developed nations). This is for the most part due to the recognition that a multidisciplinary approach is needed to solve many of the challenges we currently face. There are countless examples of how bringing together multiple disciplines has produced breakthrough solutions that would almost certainly not have been found by focusing on just one area.

For all the professionals who ever need or want to reaffirm their belief in the virtues of a multidisciplinary approach, taking part in the 3rd ICAKMPET-2022 will help provide this all-essential affirmation.

Theme of the Conference

In order to address this scenario, the theme of the 3rd ICAKMPET-2022 has been identified as 'Encourage and promote sensible knowledge in the field of Engineering & Technology'.

Many veteran researchers have reported that in the case of participating in multidisciplinary research, there is a potential risk of jeopardising one's status in one's disciplines. Researchers involved in multidisciplinary research risk losing respect in their own discipline. Thus, multidisciplinary research projects can be considered risky for a researcher's career. Some even considered that multidisciplinary research could slow down the careers of researchers. Additionally, multidisciplinary research can be seen as unproductive work due to the long hours spent trying to figure each other out.

Evaluation of multidisciplinary projects, either by evaluators or peer researchers, can lead to under-evaluation if not reviewed by people with multidisciplinary training.

Time is a critical aspect of a multidisciplinary research project. This is why many people consider it very risky to finance such a project for three years and then miss out on all the benefits of such a collaboration if no prosecution is allowed.

Some people consider it risky to provide funds to a group of people who did not know each other before the project because it is not known in advance whether the collaboration will go well. They therefore propose that while financing projects made up of large consortia, it is preferable to have professionals who know each other at the centre of the consortium and new entrants at the periphery.

Benefits of Conference

Currently, multidisciplinary research has become the most viable and efficient way to solve the problem. In this era of rapidly changing society, many kinds of socio-economic problems, related to other disciplines such as politics, anthropology, psychology, have arisen which require a holistic approach to find their solution.

When we speak of a multidisciplinary, transdisciplinary or interdisciplinary research team, we imply collaboration between people from different disciplines. Thus, the concept of a multidisciplinary research team can be considered as a subset of the concept of collaborative research.

By emphasising on collaborative multidisciplinary research, the "3rd ICAKMPET-2022", will offer the following benefits to participants -

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Access To Expertise

This will be the facilitated by sharing of the know how and

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Formal Division Of Labour

Sharing of tasks, pooling of specialised teams to complement each other while carrying out a project that could not be carried out by a single individual.

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Transfer Of Knowledge & Skills

Collaboration is even more intriguing when the knowledge is implied and isn’t already published.

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Stimulates Out-Of-The-Box Thinking

Collaboration leads to a mixing of ideas and a confrontation of points of view which should in turn stimulate creativity.

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Collaboration Reduces The Isolation Of Researchers

Researchers increase their respective network of contacts in the scientific community through collaboration.

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Increased Visibility Of Work

This will be made possible through dissemination actions on both sides of each employee.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1.Q.Important deadlines of the conference ?
Ans: You can check the deadlines in the Home page & Registration Page.
Deadline Page Link Click Here

2. Q. What is the program of the conference ?
Ans: Download the Scientific Agenda from scientific information, you can view the program of the conference.
Scientific Agenda link Click Here

3. Q. Can you sponsor our travel and accommodation ?
Ans: As it is a non-funded event with no sponsors, we are unable to take care of the participant’s travel and accommodation.

4. Q. Can you provide me the invitation letter ?
Ans: Yes, an official invitation letter in the conference letterhead will be issued once your registration process is successfully completed.

5.Q. what will be the visa process/fee to enter the host country ?
Ans: Participants are requested to take care of the visa process on their own.

6.Q. Can I bring another person to the conference to accompany me ?
Ans: Yes, on paying the accompanying person fee, they can join the conference.

7.Q.Can you provide a certificate for the accompanying person ?
Ans: No, the certificate won't be provided to the accompanying person unless he is a co-author.